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Mediterranean Villas You Can Afford

We will help you find a home on the sea for between ⅓ and ½ of what you would pay for the same home in the United States.

In the video below, we tell you about Forbes Magazine ranking Iskele, North Cyprus as the number one beachfront property investment oppertunity in the world.

The main advantage of living in Northern Cyprus is getting all the perks of the Mediterranean lifestyle for a very attractive price. Indeed, in North Cyprus, your money can go much further than in most other popular retirement destinations.


How do you want to retire?

Have you ever considered finding your spot on the beach? Palm trees and cool drinks all year around. We want to show you just how you can do exactly that: Retire to a lifestyle most only dream about. Cyprus Beach House will give you the information you need to plan your future in the sun. Click Here.

Most of us are not made of money and truth is, we couldn't afford beachfront property in the US. But there is a way you can save money not only on your Mediterranean Villa but also on food and living essentials. This website will give you what you need to start on a new path.

Do you only speak English?

If that's your only language then you will want to live someplace where you will feel comfortable and Cyprus is just such a place. The Island was a part of the British Empire. Not only is English widely spoken, like America the legal system is based on English Common Law. You'll have a feel for how things work from the moment you get off the plane.

Is it easy to stay?

One thing you must consider is ease of Residency. If you own or rent a modest Villa in North Cyprus the residency requirements are easy to comply with. Like everywhere, you need a blood test, insurance, and you need to show that you will not be a finical burden on Social Services. The cost is about sixty or seventy USD for one year.

The sea at Karpaz

Are there home ownership requirements for foreigners?

Yes of course, but again, it's really easy to comply with. You will be required to show a Police report saying you are not a criminal. Most US States (all?) will handle this over the Internet in seconds. If you plan to buy on arrival, why not bring it with you? Like everywhere, certain taxes will be levied and your Real Estate Agent will provide details. While not a legal requirement, you will also want an Attorney to handle the actual contract.

Is it a good investment?

It's important that you spend your hard-earned money someplace where your investment is safe, in other words, where you can buy low and sell high. Yes, North Cyprus is just such a place. Real Estate appreciates and doesn't bounce up and down with every change in some interest rate. If your home appreciates too fast, then taxes and such become a burden. Slow, steady growth is needed; you need to stay well ahead of inflation plus build a little nest egg. AND you need to be able to sell it at a profit later if conditions require. Note: We obviously cannot see the future or guarentee prices. We've created a page on the subject.

Is this the Middle East?

Nope, the Island is part of the EU politicly and is part of Europe geographically. We don't have waves of refugees precisely because it's an Island and you can't walk from here to Germany. Cyprus is not Arab and isn't a part of the chaos affecting several of those countries.

What about politics?

North Cyprus is only recognized by Turkey. Is that a good thing if you live here? That depends on you. We can say that the landscape isn't dominated by Walmart's and little, family run shops are the norm. If you like small town life then this is a good choice because the place is quiet and peaceful. Supermarkets have all the brands you expect and the prices are low. Most of the Ex-Pats are British and retired. If the country were recognized, then beachfront real estate would cost three times as much and those on fixed incomes would have to move. As an aside, your North Cyprus drivers license is accepted for car rental in some foreign countries like the UK, check before leaving. Click Here

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