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Famagusta, 1571

Today the economy of Famagusta is centered on Higher Education and tourism. But this wasn’t always the case.

The Island of Cyprus

Politics on Cyprus

Due to its location, Cyprus is a target for major powers in the Med. From the Dark Ages to today, regional powers like Greece & Turkey vie for control.

The Bellapais Abbey

While not often mentioned as a top tourist destination, The Bellapais Abbey is one of our favorite spots. Not just for the monastery, but also for the quaint little village. This will be an afternoon you’ll remember.

St. Barnabas Monastery

Built in the mid 1700’s the St. Barnabas Monastery is a history filled afternoon that’s well worth your time. While the Church itself no longer holds regular services, there is an icon museum & a history museum on the grounds.

Language in North Cyprus

If you speak English, how will you get alone in North Cyprus. This article takes a look at language and how you will fair as an English speaker on the Island.

Contract of Sale

Our last article was all about the different types of Deeds. This article is related: how does a Contract of Sale work in North Cyprus. While the name is the same, this document is not like sales contracts in other parts of the world. We explain.

Title Deeds

This Blog article explains the different types of deeds available in North Cyprus. There are three that we are interested in and each is explained. We even review the one serious case you must avoid.

We will also look at the lies that are circulated on Social Media about deeds issued in North Cyprus. We want you to be aware of any possibilities and try to review the most realistic in this article.

Talking Round North Cyprus

If you are reading this, odds are you're doing some due diligence; maybe thinking or retirement, or perhaps investing in an apartment. Here is a suggestion: Talking Round North Cyprus. It's a Podcast about the people you'll meet in North Cyprus.

A Quite, Romantic Harbor

Boğaz is a small village that has grown around it scenic harbor. The actual little village sits on a bluff overlooking the harbor and has maybe one hundred homes. Boğaz is one of the most pretty spots in North Cyprus and is a popular retirement spot for Ex Pats.

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