Apostolos Andreas Monastery

This is an old Monastery that has drawn pilgrims from across the world over its roughly 500 year life. Located at the end of the Karpaz Peninsula, the Apostolos Andreas Monastery requires a full day to visit. But it’s worth the time, this is beautiful, rugged country that will be a highlight of your visit to Cyprus.

Karpaz Gate Marina

Even residents who have never been on a boat know the Karpaz Gate Marina. You pass it on the way out the Peninsula. This Internationally known facility offers numerous amenities that put it in a class of marina that competes for Super-Yacht business. If you plan to visit North Cyprus by water, read on….

Building Design

How do you build a building in a place with few trees? Homes are expensive to start with and without cheap and plentiful wood, what holds the price down in North Cyprus? Not to fear, we tell you how it's done in this article.

A Christian Funeral in North Cyprus

So what happens when a Westerner, a Christian, dies in North Cyprus, a Muslim country? While perhaps not the most pleasant topic, sooner or later you will be faced with death. This article shares a recent experience and describes the process. Yes, you will be pleased.


Farming in North Cyprus is much closer to the table than it is in many parts of the world. Most of what you eat today was on the farm yesterday or the day before. While processed foods are available world-wide, fresh foods are more common here. Bread is often still warm when you pick the loaf up at the supermarket.

Internet & Television

For many, the Internet has become as important as electricity. Living in North Cyprus, it has become the window on the world. This about the only way to keep up with news & politics from back home. It’s video chats with family and sharing pictures with friends. Yeah, this is important.

Visiting Salamis

From ancient times, Salamis was the Capitol and primary city of Cyprus. The town belonged to Persians, Venetians, Romans, and even Alexander the Great. The island was coveted for its copper and Salamis was the crown jewel. With centuries of history, this is a great afternoon and you’ll see a new side of the Island.

Renting a Home

In this article we tell you all about the differences and similarities between renting a home here and in the US. We will even give you a rough guide as to what you may expect to pay. There are some differences here mainly due to the fact that tourism uses much of the available housing stock. As in purchasing a property, lease prices here can be quite attractive.

The Wild Donkey

The Donkey very much mirrors the story of Cyprus. Years ago they worked the fields as agricultural beast of burden and then their lives were uprooted by war. Today they live off tourism;  greeting others from distant lands. The wild donkey has become a beloved symbol of North Cyprus.

Long Beach

Long Beach is, as the name implies, an area between Famagusta and Iskele along the South-East Coast, with a long stretch of unbroken sandy beach. In this article we break down available amenities at the beach and describe the surrounding area. This area is quickly becoming the top real estate investment area on the entire Island. By the end of this article, you’ll understand why.

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