Boğaz is pronounced Bo-Aze, anytime you see a g that looks like this: ğ, it’s silent. Boğaz is easily most famous for its lovely, little harbor. The harbor is bordered by a Park and several restaurants. You’ll discover a nice afternoon with a refreshing sea breeze anytime. 

The village itself is administratively part of the İskele Belediyesi. The local, municipal government is referred to as the Belediyesi. İskele is a small town about fifteen minutes away from Boğaz. It’s just a little less small and perhaps a half-mile inland. Famağusta, is the nearest place you may call a city and it’s about thirty minutes away.

Looking at a map, the area is on the East Coast at the base of the peninsula that runs about eighty kilometers into the Sea towards Syria. The entire area between Famağusta and Boğaz is currently experiencing high growth. There are several high-rise complexes going in and prices in these new resorts are setting a pace for higher real estate prices throughout the area.

However, the little harbor and its fishing fleet remain unspoiled and photogenic. Perhaps we should define the phrase fishing fleet: there are about fifteen boats that call the harbor home. These are almost exclusively two man vessels and they all range from twenty to thirty feet. 

The fishermen typically set-out around first light and come back around ten. Late in the day they may leave again for areas beyond sight. It seems that most of the little boats do not go out most days.

The restaurants around the harbor buy their catch right off these boats so you can order a dinner that’s unusually fresh. Some of it also goes to the local fish stores. But these stores offer seafood from across Europe. Cold water catch like Salmon are almost always available at these numerous little shops.

The surrounding area has several major attractions: Long Beach and Bafra are two examples that both attract tens of thousands of tourist a year. They are such major destinations that we have written blog articles about both.

Just a bit further afield, you’ll discover Famagusta, Kantara Castle, and Salamis (the old Roman Capitol of the Island). Each place being a great day in its own right and all within forty-five minutes.

We would be remiss not to mention the differences between this area and the popular North Coast. Boğaz is a quiet place compared to Kyrenia and the real estate cost are lower. You will discover a different geography as well. This part of the island has flat fields and produces crops, whereas Kyrenia is between the sea and scenic mountains. The north also gets more rain due to the volcanic spires that follow the coastline. The grass is, in fact, greener on the other side.