Regrettably, the changes that came into effect from 12 May 2021 have again caused confusion and disagreement among lawyers as to what some sections of it actually mean.

Clients that use our services have been advised of any changes that affect them.

Equally, our clients know that we have an excellent working relationship with the Immigration Police and the Immigrtion Department in Lefkosa.

There have many rumours flying around facebook regarding the advice that Iskele Police were giving to those over 60 in the last few weeks. We were aware of this advice as we work with them on a daily basis. The advice people were given was correct and I will elaborate below.

It seems however, that some expats have taken it upon themselves to disbelieve the advice of the police and challenge it through other channels.

We have deliberately stayed out of the rumours because we believe in giving factual, non conflicting advice and information..

The advice below is therefore based on discussions with the relevant Immigration Police, our interpretation of the rules as lawyers and meetings with other officials.

To avoid any further confusion, the position is as follows:

  1. Those of 60 years and above who were here before 12.5.2021 who had not yet applied, do not have to apply for a residence permit if they do not wish to do so.
  2. This relaxation of the immigration rules applies until 12.5.23
  3. The same age group is free to leave and re-enter the TRNC until 12.5.23 without having to worry about a visa ie not worry about exceeding 90 days in 180.
  4. 3 above means that you will NOT be fined.
  5. Those of you over 60 who drive a vehicle here WILL need to apply for a residence permit because you need that to obtain a driving licence.
  6. If you do not apply for your temporary residence permit, you will not subsequently be eligible to apply for permanent residence as you will not have the requisite temporary permits permits.

This information may change again and cannot be taken as advice for your particular situation. If you wish to be sure of what you should do; you should seek independent legal advice.

Furthermore, you do not need to apply for residency to be covered by state emergency health insurance. Private emergency health insurance available through Zirve insurance covers you for state and private hospitals.

We are aware that anxiety levels are high and that people will be sharing this information among Facebook pages. Whilst we have no objection to you doing so, we ask that you do not then state that this is not what others are saying if you are sharing it. Who people seek advice from is their choice. We have offered the information and it is for individuals to decide how they wish to proceed.

This newsletter would not be complete without a particular mention to İskele Police Immigration who do their utmost to keep the public informed. Without these officers, those of us on the front line, doing the work,would have a much harder time.

We are happy to offer consultations to those who wish to discuss their own situation with us.

We want to thank Ex Pats Consultancy Service for this article. You can contact them below or at 09-0542-879-6156.