I suppose we should get the obvious question out of the way right up front: Internet in North Cyprus is cheap but slow. Here at the house, I have 10 Gb which cost ₺850 for the year; that translates to $8.60 a month. Not bad at all. FYI, 10 Gig is enough to watch full-screen video on two laptops simultaneously, it will also carry our high-def TV. I doubt it could stream UHD-4k. 

My friend Roger is an Arsenal Football (soccer) fan and he has a big flat screen with surround sound at his house. He also has 10 Mb and says his TV can stutter when watching a game. He tested out 20 Mb a few weeks back and I don’t know what happened. Internet here works a bit differently: there is no cable TV. 

Obviously at these prices they charge for installation and Internet Wifi modems. Installation includes a small transceiver or a small dish on your roof. The Internet company owns this and will get it back if/when you switch to another company.

Television is over the air or from satellite. The satellite service is crazy cheap with the basic package coming in at about ₺35, or $4.24 a month. That package includes about five or six English language channels and two Russian channels (one children’s). As you would guess, there are various tiers and upgrades available. Everything is 9:16 High Def, in other words, modern wide screen format. The satellite company, DigiTurk, doesn’t require you to purchase that pricy set-top box but it must be returned if you stop using the service.

While it’s impossible to know for sure, it seems most Ex Pats in North Cyprus watch television over the Internet. Personally, I have an Apple TV, and subscribe to Curiosity Stream and Netflix. The Amazon Fire Stick is also quite popular. If you buy your box, whichever one you settle on, before moving you will have that countries library of shows. I was on US Netflix for perhaps two years after moving and was only switched over after a billing issue. Apple goes by your address and credit card.

No matter what type of computer you have, there is a movie store available where you can download almost any title you want to buy. I only own about a dozen movies at this time because most movies I watch are on Netflix. 

I suppose most of my television consumption now comes from YouTube. They have thousands of little videos on any topic you can imagine. No matter what your interest is, they will have videos. 

Today, the line between TV, computer and phone has been blurred to the point it no longer exists. While the phone is a separate Blog, it needs a passing mention here as it will be part of your Internet and wifi package.

I would advise against buying a phone just before coming over. The temptation would be to buy the biggest, jewel encrusted iPhone you can lay your hands on just before jumping on a jet. Good plan… except… when you go down to the phone store with a new phone for a local phone number you will be charged full tax on that phone. Just like you pulled it off the shelf here. It’s not the phone company, it’s a tax law.

Download and install Zoom, Skype, or whatever video calling you want before coming. You will use it to chat with family after you arrive. Some friends schedule weekly chats with family and I have one friend who does these big group chats. Turns out they see more of their family now than they did living back home.

While this is not an endorsement, we do have Nethouse as our provider. They have a Facebook page and a local office. I think we mostly use them because they bought out our former provider Matcob. They are reliable and I have few complaints.