The Karpaz Peninsula is one of my favorite places on the Island and, as the name implies, you pass the marina on the way to the end of Cyprus. Which is one of the things I find remarkable about the marina, it really is in the middle of nowhere. The facility is situated below a two lane road on the coast. There is not much around and if not for the signs you could easily miss the entire thing. Of course I don’t own a Super-yacht so it may be perfectly normal to locate such a facility far away from a city. 

The marina first opened in 2011 after what must have been quite the battle to get the Turkish Army to lift restrictions on civilian vessels entering the waters along the north coast. This was a silly rule anyway, you don’t need to command troops to look at a map and understand that nobody is going to land an invasion force at the wrong end of a narrow strip of land 80 km out in the Sea.

Today the Karpaz Gate Marina is a fully modern facility with repair, training, dry storage, and berthing facilities for 300 vessels. The Marina itself features a Restaurant, Beach Club, and other amenities. Apparently about half of the power is from on-site Solar Electricity. To quote their website: “The marina’s high standards were soon rewarded with 5 Gold Anchor status in 2013 and regular recognition from berth-holders in The Yacht Harbour Association’s Marina of the Year Awards.”

I can certainly understand why, it really is a pretty place. My friend, Roger, keeps his boat there in the Summer and trailers it home during the Winter for cleaning and repairs. An expensive bit of business but he & Sara enjoy their time on the water. From time to time they drive over for dinner at the excellent restaurant, Hemingway’s.

This year, a new five star hotel and spa is opening on site and allows the Marina to offer another amenity. As was mentioned earlier, there isn’t much around so this was a needed addition. I haven’t been in the hotel yet but the three story building itself isn’t huge so I assume the facility will offer about thirty rooms. If you want to know more they have a Facebook Page and a website.

If you do want to visit North Cyprus by large boat, there are really only two choices and I don’t think you will find an empty berth at Kyrenia. So, may I recommend you set for N35º 33.5’ E34º 13.6’? You can raise them on VHF Channel: 10 or 16, call sign Karpaz Gate Marina.