As the name suggest, during a drive from Iskele to Famagusta, it will take a couple of minutes to drive past Long Beach. It’s easily one of the most popular attractions on this end of the Island. The beach itself features well equipped facilities.

  • Under Highway Tunnel to inland side Resorts
  • Cafes at each end of the beach
  • Long Walking & Bike Track
  • Umbrellas & Loungers with Mattresses (very small rental)
  • Feet Washing
  • Changing Rooms
  • Outside Showers
  • WiFi
  • Wooden Boardwalk
  • New Paved Parking
  • Huge Playground
  • Dining Area
  • Soft drinks, Food, & Beer
  • Lifeguard (during peak periods)

Not only is it a tourist destination, its popular with the locals too, both Expats & Turkish-Cypriot.

With all the above, you will not be surprised when I say that real estate values in this area are expected to explode in the next couple of years. Indeed, the construction boom has already started. There are several large complexes with construction cranes going in right now. Everything from studio condos to serious, five star resorts. If I were going to invest in real estate, this is the spot.

This is the area Forbes Magazine is talking about in the video you may have seen on the Home Page of this website. Forbes says this is the number one investment area on Earth right now.

There are other things, beside the beach, that make this area attractive. When I first moved here only five years ago, the area was mostly sheep pastures and fields. The land was priced accordingly. 

The area is also just a short hop (less than five minutes) from Salamis. This was the Roman Capitol of the Island and the town ruins remain a major tourist attraction. It’s a great afternoon and will receive its own Blog. 

Long Beach is also less than fifteen minutes from Famagusta. This is the third largest city in the country and features an old, walled city. Another nice afternoon exploring. Famagusta also has some shopping, including City Mall and a large market on Thursdays. 

At the other end of Long Beach you will discover Iskele. The town itself sits perhaps a kilometer from the Sea. It’s an authentic old village with small shops. Not so much a tourist area but an important center for locals, including me, to get the essentials.

However, maybe five minutes east of Iskele you will find Bogaz Harbor. Now this is one of my favorite spots anywhere. Several small restaurants, some with tables over the water, offer views of the quaint little harbor. It’s a pleasant afternoon to sit with friends under the umbrellas and solve the world’s problems. 

From here, you can travel east to the Karpaz Peninsula but that’s another afternoon and a different Blog.

Long Beach is growing because of amenities, prices, and location. It should. Among my friends, there is some discussion wether this growth is good or not. It’s good for real estate obviously but I’m OK with controlled growth for another reason, it’s good for the locals. These resorts and housing complexes will provide employment and opportunities. There will be farming families become millionaires when they sell their empty fields.

As an aside, notice I used the word “controlled”? No buildings on the Seafront can be more than four floors and in some areas only three. The areas more than two kilometers from the Sea must remain farmland; I may be wrong about that exact distance. Regardless, somebody has the foresight to preserve what makes the area special and I think thats great.