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Current Covid-19 Regulations

  • There has been a new update after several quiet months: it is now required that those in enclosed areas wear mask. It seems that this new rule is little enforced at the moment. An example would be a Bank or Supermarket.

    You may still enter the country without vaccinations or a negative covid test. This rule has resulted in a return of tourist to the North in roughly pre-pandemic numbers.

This page is updated each week. However, if you want to see the current goverment generated content for yourself, the TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Public Information Office, has an English page:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

General Rules:

Those who have completed the vaccination program from 14 days after the last dose are considered vaccinated.

  • Sinovac: 2 Doses
  • Biontech: 2 Doses
  • Sinopharm: 2 Doses
  • Pfizer/Biontech: 2 Doses
  • Astrazeneca/Oxford: 2 Doses
  • Johnson and Johnson: 1 Dose
  • SPUTNIK V: 2 Doses
  • Moderna: 2 Doses

People who receive two different doses of the specified vaccines above will be considered vaccinated.

People who have recovered: On presenting a positive PCR test result between 10-180 days before travel. These people will be considered vaccinated and will be able to enter the country without showing a PCR/antigen test.

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