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How to get Residency

First: Please do not rely on this or any website for current, up to the minute information as the exact process is subject to change.

The odds are when you arrived you received a thirty day stamp in your Passport. Be sure to double check what the Passport Control Officer wrote in ink under the stamp. Whatever was written is how much time you have.

Do not wait until the week before the stamp runs out to start your Residency Application. This process is not difficult but cannot be finished in an afternoon. On your first time through you may need help from somebody who has received their residency several times or we can recommend a professional. You do not need to spend money on an Immigration Attorney, this is much easier than in the US.

We will not list each step here because the exact requirements have been changing somewhat over the past year. You need to get up to date information and the place to start is at the Police Station Immagration Office.

When you go in you may be asked to sign-in and show a Passport at the front desk. Ask for the Immigration Office and you will be given directions on where to go.

While other stations have different atmospheres, we have found our local department to be great. These guys are kind and will provide you with a step by step list. This is the list you must complete in order to file your online application. Here are a couple of items:

  • Insurance: Pick between local private companies or a public policy you must have. Insurance from home will not do.
  • Blood Test: If you're under 60 you will need to have this test done before you can apply
  • Visit the Mukhtar: The Mukhtar is the Village Elder and he must sign a form and you will attach ₺4.00
  • Marriage certificate in Turkish or English (photocopies are accepted), or certified Family Partnership Residency/Civil Partnership document
  • Proof of Income or Savings: If you own property, it's equivlant to the current, monthly mimuim wage.
  • Extra Passport Photo and your Passport
  • Rental or Ownership: Registered documents showing you have a place to live are required.
  • If applying as a couple, both must show a complete set of documents.

The actual application takes place online and most people do not need to go to the Immigration Minstery at all to complete the process. Having the ability to handle the application online instead of in person is a fairly new innovation. In the past an in-person visit was required but now you can start the process here. Because the procedure is now completed online, you will want everything in hand before you start.

There are requirements concerning remaining in the country while your application is being processed. You need to know these rules if you plan to leave for a few days.

At the end of the process, you will be emailed a PDF of your document. Obviously you will want to print this out and have it available when you try to re-enter North Cyprus.

People can easily relocate and become permanent citizens of North Cyprus. From weather to business, there is a lot to do on this fabulous island which is why you should prefer moving to North Cyprus land. (from the article "7 Reasons Why You Should Move to North Cyprus")

There is more but these are among the most time consuming. Once you have completed the online application, you can remain legally even if your stamp runs out before the residency is approved, and it almost certainly will. A note of caution: complete the entire application before the stamp in your Passport runs out or you will incur a daily fine. While the amount for any one day is not too bad, it adds up quickly.

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